Our “Give Back” Program!

What would an extra $500, $1,000 or even $2,000 mean for your Organization?  New equipment, tournament fees, more coaches?

Clear Light College Success would like to help your organization generate extra income.   Are you tired of selling candy bars and gift wrap? How much money does your organization need?

Why are we doing this?

Our country needs strong leaders and strong leaders need a college education.  Lessons learned on the sports field are as important as the classroom offerings. Sports promote physical fitness and teach valuable lessons in teamwork and leadership. Students who participate in extracurricular activities in High School are more connected to their school and their peers.

Sports can provide a vehicle for students to get into college and in some cases to help pay for college.

Our CLCS Go-Team Sports program has the resources to help High School students with both the academic and athletic part of the college process. We developed the program to be self-guided and affordable so that many students can benefit.  Your Organization can team up with us and receive a generous discount or commission for every CLCS Go-Team program serviced.

For specific details about this opportunity, please call us at 866-670-3388 or contact us. Be sure to tell us the name of your sports organization, tax ID status (if applicable), website (if applicable), contact information, address and the amount of money you wish to raise.

Giving back is our way to say “Thank You” to all our teachers, mentors and family members who guided us in our education and our careers. We are proud to be developing the leaders of tomorrow.

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