Our Goal - We want our students to complete college in four years and have JOBS when they graduate!

Proper planning during High School helps students find the right Major & College for them.    Using our step-by-step career planning & admissions system, our students are successful when getting into college, throughout college and after graduation.    

Here are several important college concepts:

  • Students who properly invest time in college and career planning during High School are less likely to transfer or drop out of college – which saves the family time & money.
  • Colleges are looking for students who have challenged themselves academically.
  • Colleges are looking for students who have interests outside the classroom.
  • Colleges have seats to fill and are competing for good students. Many private schools offer scholarships to good students regardless of the family income.
  • Improving your SAT scores increases your chances of acceptance to your School of Choice and Scholarship Opportunities. 

“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” – Malcolm Forbes, Businessman

By following our easy to use program we are confident that college graduates are prepared to enter the job market.

Career Exploration —Students start with a fun and easy to use self assessment.   Using a database of over 1,200 careers and informational videos, our Students can research occupations that match their assessments.     Our students discover career fields and learn what it takes to get there!

College Search — Students can research 2 and 4 year colleges and universities that offer the majors needed to obtain their career. The database includes information about majors, tuition, location, athletics, size, activities and enrollment details. 

College Applications - We help with college selection, application preparation, essay & personal statement support, preparing the student resume and interview tips. Our students create tracking calendars so that no important deadlines are missed.

Our Students Succeed!

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