Our Proven Method

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Getting In

Applications, SAT, Essays, Majors, Career Planning, College Selection       

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Funding and Aid Planning

"Free Money" Regardless of Income, Grants, Scholarships, FAFSA, EFC     

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Athletic Scholarships, Getting Noticed & Recruited by College Coaches

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The American Dream - A Better Life, A Good Job, A Secure Future, Independence and Success. This is what parents want for their children!

COLLEGE – The word brings hope & visions of the American Dream.

We bring Peace of Mind to Families who are uncertain and stressed about:

 Getting Into College – Don’t be overwhelmed by the college admission process – We can help with:

Career Planning, Majors & Choosing a College

                SATs, Applications & Essays

                Student Athletes

Paying For College – Don’t be intimidated by the high cost of college – We can help with:

Financial Aid - Scholarships, Grants, Loans, Merit Aid & Need-Based Aid

FAFSA & Profile Financial Aid Forms

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) & Cost of Attendance (COA)

Positioning   your family financially – for college & retirement

Uncovering Money & Resources to pay for college

Minimizing Student Loan Debt

Get the education you deserve!  We offer easy to understand, comprehensive and time proven methods for High School Students and their Families to make it easy to attend and afford the college of your dreams.   From very affordable self-guided resources all the way to complete hands on “one-on-one” counseling, we have a solution that is just right for your family.   You can do it all yourself, but you don’t have to!  Call (866) 670-3388 to speak with a Certified College Planning Specialist   or click to get help now!




National College Planning Summit

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